Panadol and its Japanese equivalent
Panadol and its Japanese equivalent

Ask any Australian what ‘acetaminophen’ is and the majority will likely have no clue. But ask them if they know what ‘Panadol’ is and EVERYBODY knows.

I was recently chatting with my mum (who is a Japanese pharmacist) and discovered that ‘Tylenol’ is the over-the-counter equivalent of Panadol in Japan and ‘Calonal’ is the prescription equivalent.

I also discovered that the recommended dosage for such medications in Australia is DOUBLE that of Japan.

I moved to Australia 15 years ago, and personally, it took me a while to feel comfortable about taking medicines here.

Understanding simple differences in dosage and common product names can go a long way in helping people feel more comfortable about taking medications in an unfamiliar country.

So if you are looking to take your Japanese pharmaceuticals, medical products and/or services to the global English market, Kako Healthcare Communications can get you there by ensuring your marketing copy complies with local advertising regulations and customs.

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